Who we are


WiNgrap is relatively young company in the field of project and construction management. It was founded 2007 and since than has been developing acquiring new clients. From the very beginning it gathers young professionals in technical field. At the beginning company was engaged mostly on construction projects, but nowadays it suites its capacities to other civil engineering domains as well. At the same time with developing project management in construction field, company has been developed environment protection management, as well as sustainable energy projects.




Our goal is, through our work, to give contribution to the following:


I) In civil engineering everyone has to do what he/she is qualified for

We do our best, through our engagement in office as well as on the site, to contribute that everyone finally starts working what he/she is qualified for. Currently, situation in our country is such that the least of all, engineers decide about engineering things, and professional decisions have been left to people who have money.


II) We accept responsibility completely

If our engineers are in charge on the site, you will never hear so much used phrase “that’s not my job, someone else is in charge for that”. When we undertake a project, than everything is our responsibility and everything concerns us.


III) We do not make compromises with quality

When we are on the site, than the quality of used material as well as the quality of work, will not be a matter of compromise with anyone. We aim our work on the site to be characterized by austerity regarding legislation, the accuracy of work performance and the respect of deadlines.


Text Box: The design of Kikinda regional landfill recultivation has been done by WiNgrap...
Text Box: Works on landfill body extension in Kikinda are about to be contracted. Design has been made by WiNgrap...
Text Box: WiNgrap, one of the first, starts activities on the energy efficiency of buildings according to EU DIRECTIVE 2006/32/EC.
Text Box: Actual
Following links lead you to the information about some of our projects which present very actual topics.


Sanitary landfills
Extension of landfill body in Kikinda

Landfill recultivation
Designing sanitary landfill recultivation

Energy efficiency
Energy efficiency report
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